Cocktail Making Lessons and Tasting

Cocktail Making Lessons & Tasting

Confused about multiple screaming orgasms? Or maybe your the sort of person that is lusting after a sex on the beach, well we will guarantee both with an afternoon of cocktail making.
You will be taken to a premium cocktail bar in Albufeira where you will be greeted with a welcome glass of gorgeous bubbly champagne, while being introduced to your personal mixologist for the afternoon. 
You will then be guided through the art of how to mix up some of the most deliciously yummy cocktails and shots imaginable. From the mixing, stirring or shaking to how to pour it into the glass you will learn it all.
Next its your turn, you get free reign to mix the well known cocktails, so make that screaming orgasm you have been craving for. You will also get the chance to invent your very own cocktail so make your fantasy a reality with just the right amount of kick to suit you.
The best part of making cocktails is the tasting...... while your experimenting, practicing and learning new tricks you get to sample it all, theres no better way to find out exactly what you like.
Once you are feeling confident in your new found skills, there will be a friendly competition among your group. Its time for you to shine so get to work on that bar and show everyone how you think it should be done.
It doesn't matter what sort of person you are, by the end of your afternoon of sampling all your favourite cocktails if your not shaken you will definitely be stirred.  
2 Hours Cocktail Making & Tasting . Sole Group Activity. Minimum 8 people

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