Pole Dancing Lessons & Party

Pole Dancing Lessons & Party

Want to release your inner party goddess? Then there is nothing better than our private pole dancing classes, guaranteed to make you feel sexier than ever, while having the time of your life.
Upon arrival at our privately hired pole dancing bar, you will be served chilled glasses of bubbly to put you in the mood for your sexy afternoon ahead. You will be introduced to your very own personal DJ who is there to play the songs YOU request and also your personal pole dancing tutor.
Your professional pole dancer will treat you to a full sexy pole dance before giving you a step-by-step guide to climbing, spinning and twirling round the pole like the true sex goddess you know you are.
Once you have learned the tricks of the trade, each member of the party gets to choreograph their very own sexy pole dance to a song of their choice and strut their stuff in a friendly competition.
After each person has liberated themselves by pole dancing, the judges will announce a winner who will receive a surprise gift to commemorate their experience.
The rest of the afternoon is all yours to do as you wish as its your party. You can keep working the pole, dance around like crazy people or even belt your heart out to some karaoke classics.
You will then be ready to show off your new sexy moves for the remainder of your stay on the various poles dotted around in Abufeira's bars. 
2 Hour Pole Dancing Lesson in privately hired club with guide & tutor.  Minimum 10 people

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